¡Disfruta de un postre que nos tiene a todos fascinados por sus deliciosos sabores naturales! ​

Here’s an easy and flavorful recipe to do with your friends and family, get creative with your favorite flavor… Guava!​

1 cup of plain Greek yogurt​
1 teaspoon vanilla extract​
2 cups frozen Conchita Guava Shells​
1 cup of Conchita Guava Paste​
1 cup condensed milk​
Ice Pop molds​
Wooden sticks​


– Mix yogurt, condensed milk and vanilla extract and place in fridge.​
– In blender, mix Conchita Guava Shells, Conchita Guava Paste, and a touch of condensed milk and yogurt until smooth.​
– Add yogurt and berry mix separately in ice pop molds.​
– Freeze for an hour and add wooden sticks in the middle being able to stand straight and continue freezing until completely frozen.​

A fun and special recipe for all the #GuavaLovers out there! ​