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Essential Pantry Items
Conchita Guava Paste

Guava Paste

The most iconic item that belongs in any Hispanic family pantry: Conchita’s famous Guava Paste.

Conchita Black Beans

Black Beans

Fully seasoned and very tasty, these black beans make an excellent soup or can be served over a bed of rice.

Conchita Spanish Seasoning


Spanish seasoning is something traditional that abuelitas have been creating and using in their cooking for many generations.

Conchita Maria Cookies


Maria cookies are one of the most popular cookie types in the world.

Conchita Mojo Criollo Marinade

Mojo Criollo

The marinade that is brought out when it’s time to fire up that beef, pork, chicken, turkey or fish.

Conchita Zesty Tuna Fish Dip

Zesty Tuna
Fish Dip

Zesty tuna fish dip is a great appetizer for just about any gathering.

Cod “Biscayne Style” with Chick Peas “Frito”